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Self-Healing Meditation (Chronic, Serious & Acute Illness)

When done regularly, this meditation provides ample benefits to the Spirit-Mind-Body system regardless of the severity of your condition or situation. Please contact Andrea at for specific questions or personalizations.

Taught to me by Spiritual Healer, Ron Young, this meditation practice utilizes sequential imaging, a process that uses imagery to inform the immune system that "this" isn't normal.

Duration: 3-hours per day, 20-30 min @ start (10 days system is adjusted); work without any interruption (4-7AM) then the mind rests for the day

Positon: Laying down: (R) hand just above the pubic bone, (L) hand below rib cage

Part 1: Build the Chi/Prana (1st Hour)

  • Breathe from soles of feet to top of head; long breaths 10-12 heartbeats in & out

  • Move from feet, into pelvis, base of diaphragm, chest, throat and top of head

  • Activating primary and secondary chakras (ankles, knees, elbows & wrists)

  • Taking your place inside yourself; very big movement of love to self

Part 2: Bring in the hands of God (2nd hour)

  • Hands now go/move where they desire; controlled by a different aspect of the mind

  • You're going to the command center (center head, behind bridge of nose) to send commands using spiritual light moving from spine

  • Package and/or isolate each image/issue within the body in light (use gold/white or violet light) to dissolve, regenerate, etc.

  • Each package/image is 3 dimensional; present each to Creation/God/Source for activation - always going through Grace - with a command: “activate this to its fullest potentiality for my healing,” then bring it back into your field healed/neutral (use green or gold color to inform system it is now healed/neutral).

  • Repeat

Part 3: Uninstalling the program; level of genome (3rd hour)

  • Using "inner vision" perform traffic light body scan through material body

  • Meticulously and slowly, create a holographic image of each cell

  • Where there is a Red light, go into cells & turn off the switch

  • Move "issue" from Red to Gold (angelic frequency) to Green (disengage)


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