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My unique approach brings forth the Divine forces and intelligences needed to guide your journey forward, while I provide practical tools and techniques to support your process.

By working within a Greater Field of Intelligence, we are granted deeper insight into the “seen and unseen” aspects distancing you from your true Divine nature. The combination of channeled guidance with alternative healing modalities, facilitates the restoration and reorganization of your spirit-mind-body system in a highly personalized, accelerated and supported way.

Every session is unique and allows for a deeper aspect of healing to unfold. 

Arising from the frequency of love and grace, my services are facilitated with the utmost care and respect for all that are present, both seen and unseen.

What to Expect

To be welcomed with complete presence, respect, and love.

To uncover new aspects of Self in a space of complete safety and trust.

To discover the metaphysical truths of your experiences and awaken to their deeper purpose.

To transcend limiting belief systems and take new right action in your life.

To awaken to your inner radiance and learn self-healing tools to nurture its light.

To expand consciousness and access your inherent wisdom.

To remember the unconditional love that created you and emanates from you.

What to Expect

Core Values

Twelve is the number of wholeness; a symbol of faith and divine rule, representing the power of Spirit and the power we have as a human.

All beings are a divine reflection of God and Spirit.
Your true nature is an expression of Divine consciousness.
Enlightenment is the process of unfoldment as you align with your true Divine nature.
Your true nature is Peace, Joy, Love and Grace.
All movements of Divine consciousness are movements of love.
Wounds held within your energetic field distance you from your true nature.
The true meaning of life is realized as you reclaim your wholeness.
Self-love and compassion are the heart of spiritual growth and development.
All challenges are indicators of what aspects of Self are ready to transform.
You are an infinitely powerful being that can change, dissolve and manifest anything you want at any given moment.
Any changes externally are first transformed internally.
The search for enlightenment is enlightenment.
Core Values

Let's start our journey together

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