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Meet Andrea


Welcome beloved one. It is an honor to meet you here. 


Born a clairvoyant-intuitive and empath, I have been given the gift of understanding information within the energy around me, and to interpret life beyond the physical world

For years, I used these abilities to work cross-culturally, launching new businesses, developing partnerships, and cultivating leaders in the corporate world. While I experienced external success in my field, internally I was depleted and disconnected from my true Self.


Guided to the Spirituality and Mind-Body Institute at Columbia University, I began intensive study of the Self, the transcendent, metaphysics, and the healing arts. It was there I met Spiritual Healer, Ron Youngwho's profound work and teachings exponentially expanded my understanding of the true Nature of Reality and our innate power within it. For several years I trained rigorously, developing my spiritual perception and growing in the deep trust required to truly honor the movements of life and ones healing journey.

As I began to experience true soul nourishment, I dove deeper, seeking mentorship from other beloved teachers, ministers, spiritual counselors, my guides, and various Spiritual Masters. For years, I made it my sole responsibility to meditate, contemplate, study, and investigate. In the process, I continued to clarify my gifts, refine them, and most valuably, discover, uncover, and meet my true Self.


Spirituality, in its purest form is “to know thyself”– beyond the personality. This journey, done with urgency, compassion, and faith, is an ever-expanding process that is rich in all things human and divine.

Having personally experienced the extraordinary benefits of this beautiful and profound work, I brought my passions, gifts, and training together to create Luce Mia Group, an organization that facilitates personal development, growth, and healing, in both practical and mystical ways.
From my heart to yours, thank you stopping by and for shining your beautiful light into this world.


Qualifications & Specializations

M.A., Psychology, Spirituality & Mind-Body Practice, Columbia University (2019)

Spiritual & Ethereal Healing, Spiritual Perception, & Yogic Meditation 

Advanced Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Healing Constellations

Spiritual Constellation Facilitator: Mother/Father, Destiny, Family & Organizational

Spiritual Healer Participant, 2019 Columbia University Research Study

*Training completed through Healing Wisdom  Field of Life International Training

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