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Spiritual Guidance & Direction

Guidance sessions are a nurturing experience designed to support you as your journey unfolds. With the help of Divine Forces and Intelligences we work collaboratively to illuminate your unique pathway toward alignment and reclaim your authentic power. While exploring both the physical and metaphysical aspects of your experiences, we expand self-awareness and update limiting narratives to restore your vitality and creativity, so you can experience greater health, harmony, freedom and joy.

Each session generally includes an intuitively guided meditation, channeled guidance, and incorporates various therapeutic techniques designed to support your integration and growth within and beyond the session.

These sessions are highly personalized to support your evolving spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs. If it is received that energy work, spiritual healing, or healing constellations are needed, it will be suggested and facilitated upon your consent.

Duration: 90 minute (initial session), 90 or 60 minute session options for returning clients

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is an amplified healing experience beneficial for individuals experiencing dis-harmony or dis-ease within their Spirit-Mind-Body system. Working within a Greater Field of Intelligence and without any physical intervention required, this treatment works to fully restore and regenerate your etheric field, or blueprint. Unlike energy, psychic, or faith healing, this is an active process that works directly with your spiritual nature, bringing divine frequencies through your mental, emotional and physical body, facilitating healing from the inside out. Any issue ranging from minor to serious can be addressed.

Adequate rest and care for the body is required immediately after a healing. It is recommended that recipients continue to practice generous self-care for 5-14 days post-healing. Detailed Healing protocols provided upon booking.

Duration: 60-75 minute session (a follow-up phone call 10 days post-session is included)

Luce Mia Group Circles

Harness the energies of a collective field to accelerate learning, ascension, and personal healing. The act of witnessing and being witnessed, giving and receiving, processing and integrating, while being supported within a safe environment, amplifies the energies for all.

Anchors of Light: This inclusive community engages in conscious conversation on emerging energies and relevant themes naturally arising each week. Communal sharing is encouraged. Spiritual teachings, guided meditation and various healing practices may be utilized. 

Registration is currently closed.

Please join our mailing list to be notified of future meetings.​

An initial phone consultation is required before booking.

All sessions are offered via video conference or telephone.

Please inquire directly for special requests and payment options — we do our best to accommodate.

As to not disrupt your healing experience, payment for services rendered is requested at time of booking, or within 24 hours of your scheduled session time.

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