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After seeing therapists (MDs and PhDs) for coping with general anxiety over the past two decades, I was ready to try something new. The word "healing" drew me in like a magnet. I'd been "coping" but I was ready to actually heal. Working with Andrea has enabled me to not only rewire old ways of thinking, as therapists before had attempted to do, but to learn how to realign my soul with its fundamental purpose; trust in Spirit; and pursue the highest good, for myself and others. In just a couple of months, I have a more deeply-connected sense of being, which is something I never encountered with mainstream therapy. Andrea is a true healer.


Spiritual Guidance & Healing

Magical Mystery Tour are the words that first come to mind, when I explain my private journey with Andrea.


I have had a lifetime of seeking G-d through different experiences; ecstatic chanting and studying with some holy Hindu masters, I was born Catholic and have a deep love for Judaism, I studied Hebrew and had a blessed visit to Israel. My life has always been a seeker. 


Andrea is helping me in ways that no other healers could reach. I feel safe as I peel onion layers and she continues to point out my own awareness. Andrea exudes life in such a grand way, I feel I am lifted up, as if listening to a great symphony. Andrea is quite straightforward which is refreshing. She speaks her truth and she is funny. Her humor brought me to a great place of self reflection and self awareness.


Slowly Andrea, unpacked my "backpack" and replaced it with special books, meditation, a deeper and more consistent practice and an ability to laugh at myself. Most important for my needs, was learning to let go. She shifted my interpretations of dreams, of relationships and of love and people who have passed on. When I had an "embarrassing" experience on a vacation, I contacted Andrea, and she was able to see an incredible purpose for this event. She dove into a depth of understanding, that helped me recognize that it was actually quite an amazing experience. Shame became wisdom. 


Andrea is a pure delight of laughter, deep compassion, wonderful guidance and we share this journey together. Having a consultation with Andrea is a gem that will be unlike others.


Spiritual Guidance & Healing

Since working with Andrea I've gained clarity for myself, confidence in staying true to my values, and I've regained trust in people; something I hadn't had in a long time.  Andrea is someone who is genuinely committed to helping people and works hard to make the most of the time she has with each individual.  I am so grateful to have Andrea in my life. The world definitely needs more people like her.


Spiritual Guidance, Healing & Professional Advisement

The very first moment I spoke with Andrea my life took a different meaning. I am an empath and Highly Sensitive Person, but since childhood I always ran away from it, maybe due to my fears, frustration, or lack of guidance; not being able to understand the emotional pain and suffering I was going through. It wasn’t until I met Andrea that I was able to start understanding and accepting my purpose in life.

I am beyond grateful for her. The Guidance and Healing sessions, as well as her patience, unconditional love, dedication and connection to the higher realms, has brought me to an emotional state of peace and stability in every aspect of my life. I still have a lot of healing to do and this is probably just the beginning of my wonderful journey but I am sure that without Andrea’s guidance, healing and dedication to my wellbeing, I wouldn’t be where I’m at at this moment in my life: at peace and in harmony with my higher self and the Divine. I am eternally grateful. Love and light!


Spiritual Healing & Guidance

I hurt my left knee in a pandemic and I was limping around everywhere I went.  A 7 minute walk, turned into a 30 minute walk due to pain I felt. I tried calling my Dr. and got an answering machine message stating due to Covid-19 they are only letting in one person at a time and emergency patients only. I didn’t know what to do. I lit a white candle and asked for guidance. The next day I found out about Andrea Rota via my yoga teacher. I texted Andrea and she was willing to help with a Spiritual Healing session.


The day after the session, I got up out of bed and noticed, after a months of limping, I wasn’t limping anymore and my knee didn’t hurt. Now, months later, I remain limp free! I do believe in Earth Angels and believe that we were brought together by a mutual friends help to help me in my asking for help when I lit the white candle. A true angel, an angel of light and of hope. I thank her for all she does. 


Spiritual Healing

My session with Andrea was so moving; she has a beautiful intuition that cuts through to the core of things and helped me unearth new insights and perspectives that shed so much light on what I'd been going through at the time. There were moments during our session when she would share something and my whole body would light up in reaction, making it extremely clear to me that she had just touched on something buried and profound. She also has a beautiful style of working that is at once powerful and straightforward while also extremely kind, gentle, and compassionate. She really has a beautiful gift and I'm so grateful for the healing and clarity that working with her has brought me. 


Spiritual Guidance

When I first came to Andrea, I was going through a difficult time. She led me through this journey with positive energy, thorough opinions and healing, as well as pointing out and strengthening my weakness. The relaxing and comforting environment she provides also makes both parties feel safe and trusted to connect. Through the sessions, I got to rebuild my true self, face my emotions and mental state, figure out the balance between personal and professional relationships, as well as express myself more accurately.


Spiritual Guidance

I really enjoyed working with Andrea. She is someone who is very knowledgeable about the business world, but also has a lot of empathy and connection. She can help you find your purpose and work with you to achieve it. I would recommend her work to those looking to combine a more spiritual and holistic approach to their lives and understand things from a different perspective.


Professional Advisement

I met with Andrea during a time when I was struggling with finding my ultimate dream job. Our connection and conversation was one I never had experienced an intuitive, Andrea was exactly on point about me without even knowing who I am! It was a real eye opener for me and a look into my inner self. She helped to increase my self esteem and encouraged me to look at myself in a whole different way. After talking to her, I was reminded to reconnect to that little girl inside, remember her dreams and remain focused on my true worth in order to achieve my goals. For that I am forever grateful.


Spiritual Reading

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