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Quantum Biofeedback: Stimulating Bodies Back Into Balance

Everything in Life is Vibration - Albert Einstein

Biofeedback is a treatment technique in which people are taught how to improve their health by understanding and using signals from their own bodies. Not unlike using a thermometer or a scale, the feedback received from your body informs of its condition so appropriate action can be taken in response.

Quantum Biofeedback blends traditional biofeedback with Energy Medicine; it utilizes the data received to generate corrective energetic frequencies which are used to stimulate the body, and then analyses the results in real time.

The biofeedback process and subsequent balancing frequencies attempt to achieve a state of harmony within the human biofield.

Genius Insight Health App


  • Every virus, parasite, bacteria, emotion, homeopathic remedy has its own unique Energetic Signature or wave pattern.

  • There has been countless research in the field of Energy Medicine and resonant frequencies; the 1950’s Dr. Rife documented the resonant frequencies for thousands of viruses and bacteria and other pathogens and Hulda Clarke in the 1980’s identified more resonant frequency items.

  • In the realm of Quantum, Energetic Signatures are “presented” to the body by technological means, and the bodies response is measured.

  • The bodies response can be measured by means of brain wave activity, heart rate, voice, and other feedback techniques.

  • Example: a classic allergy, where the body is responding to a substance. In the same way, the body responds to Energetic Signatures or Frequencies.

The Quantum Genius Insight is an Information Coded Biofeedback application that records your speech and analyzes the voice wave pattern using a patented voice spectral analysis process. This analysis is then compared to the frequency database. The results are displayed in graphs and charts that are easy to understand.

The Genius' built in waveform generator, creates unique wave forms, frequencies & energetic signatures designed to stimulate your bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional & physical) innate healing ability. Since consciousness is a sender and receiver of frequencies, your intention has an important role in the projection and reception of the energies to be balanced. Your clear intention and the technology inherent in Quantum Biofeedback work in partnership.

When energy changes, eventually the physical follows.

50+ Wellness Panels available including:

General Assessment: Auric Field • Meridians • Chakra System • Spinal Program • Human Body Systems (emotions, organs, hormones, stress) • Heart Health/Blood Pressure • Brain Health • Muscle, Adrenal & Digestive Systems • Blood Sugar/Diabetes • Weight Loss • Food Allergies • AutoImmunity • MicroBiome • Cold/Flu/Virus

Libraries (indicate underlying issues): Infections • Cellular Freedom Healing • Trauma • Endocrine • Past Lives • Addiction Healing • Vaccinations • Heavy Metals • Relationship Harmonizing


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