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The Field Stabilizer™: Energy Balancing Jewelry & Accessories for the Spirit-Mind-Body & Home

Harmonize the place you live and keep your energy fields open and aligned.

Field Stabilizer™ - Room Size

The Field Stabilizer™ is designed to keep the human fields that activate the body regeneration open all day long. These fields can be opened during meditation, but are gradually deactivated afterward. The Field Stabilizer™ helps to keep them open and harmonized throughout the day.

Energy in nature moves following a spiral movement. The Field Stabilizer™ collects energy from the earth through its bottom spiral and from the sky through the top spiral. It then distributes the conjunction of the 2 energies through the 4 spirals on the sides. The large base on the bottoms gives stability to the Field Stabilizer™ and indicates the right position for a proper use.

The Field Stabilizer™ pendants may be helpful for those who seek an inner alignment throughout the day, while the large Field Stabilizer™ harmonizes the energy inside the room where it is placed.

Enjoy the beneficial power of your Field Stabilizer™ by placing it where you live or work, or wear one of the beautiful pendants to enjoy its harmonizing effect everywhere you go. Objects can be on placed the bowl on top of the Field Stabilizer™ to enhance their inner frequency.



Current pricing is made available here. Please contact Andrea directly at andrea@lucemiagroup to place your order.


Measurements with the Lecher Antenna showed the Field Stabilizer™ is harmonized with the following wavelengths:

  • 1.1 Sacred Internal polarity

  • 2.5 Human cell harmony

  • 8.0 Telluric energy (Yin)

  • 12.0 Cosmic channel (Yang)

  • 15.3 Physical and Mental Balance (Balance between Yin and Yang)

  • 17.6 Regeneration


The Field Stabilizer™ is offered in copper, silver and gold. Each metal has its own frequency. Precious metals work best on the body while copper works best for larger spaces, as rooms and offices.


The production of the Field Stabilizer™ pendants is made by hand by skilled goldsmiths in the area of Vicenza, famous in the world for its jewelry manufacturing industry. The bigger Field Stabilizer™ in copper are hand made by Roberto. If you need a custom size for special use, please feel free to contact us.

Field Stabilizer™ - Various Sizes Available

Please remember that Field Stabilizer™ is not a medical device, it is not meant to be used to cure any disease. Use it at your own pleasure and discretion.

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