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Inside of you dwells a pure and radiant light.  This is your Divine nature — your true Self.

It’s time to let your light shine.

When you are in alignment with your Divine nature, or soul, you feel whole and complete. Wisdom, Power and Love arise; right action is clear. You’re able to navigate the inevitable challenges and changes in life, with greater ease, assurance, compassion and gratitude.

Your movement towards greater harmony, health and love starts now. My unique approach to healing and personal development combines the Medicine of Spirit with traditional therapeutic modalities to integrate the  whole personBody, Mind & Spirit accelerating self-development, healing, and ascension.

 Italian (My Light)
is an expression of:
1. Universal or Source energy
2. One’s inner radiance
3. The expansion of consciousness 


Sessions with Andrea are powerful yet gentle, full of compassion, and rooted in Love. It is helping you bring healing to any challenges you are experiencing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, professional, relational, and more) and move through them with Grace. She is like a Divine Assistant on your path to healing, wholeness, success & abundance!



Andrea Rota, M.A
Founder & Principal

Andrea is an intuitive, spiritual advisor and mindfulness coach, who helps her clients connect to their True nature and create meaningful change in their lives. Her dynamic style incorporates various modalities for healing and development including energy medicine, spiritual perception, psychospiritual theory, and inspirational coaching. These methods are complemented by Andrea’s background in leadership development, management, and corporate strategy, enabling her to successfully catalyze change in a relatable and sustainable way. Andrea has a Master's Degree in Psychology, Spirituality & Mind-Body Practice from Columbia University.

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